Manuals/Install Videos



Pistol Owners Safety Manual V7.5

Built Lower Receiver Safety Manual V7.0

Rifle Owners Safety Manual V7.1

Franklin Armory CSW

F17™ Series Rifle Owners Safety Manual V7.0

Assembly Instructions for F17-VS4 Upper Receiver Kit 

California Pistol Owners Safety Manual V1.0

Reformation® Owners Safety Manual V1.5


BFS™ Waiver and Manual V1.5

BFS™ and RFS™ Installation Instructions V1.2

RFS Waiver and Manual V1.3

BFSIII™ Waiver and Manual V3.1

BFSIII™ for AR Installation Instructions V1.4

BFSIII™ for HK Installation Instructions V1.0

BFSIII™ for ACR Installation Instruction V2.0 

BFSIII™ for B&T Installation Instruction V2.0

BFSIII™ for CZ Installation Instruction V1.0

BFSIII™ for AK Installation Instruction V1.3



BFSIII™ for AR Installation Video

BFSIII™ for HK Installation Video

BFSIII™ for CZ Installation Video

BFSIII™ for AK Installation Video

DFM™ for the HK platform

DFM™ Magazine Install 

F17™ Cleaning Video


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