Osprey Defense™



Franklin Armory® acquired Osprey Defense™ in 2018. A few years earlier, Franklin Armory introduced the world's first gas piston-driven rimfire rifle, chambered in .17 Winchester Super Magnum, based on Osprey Defense technology. Now in its second revision, Franklin Armory's line of F17 rifles features a newly redesigned low profile gas piston system, allowing for more contemporary slimline handguards and even smoother operation of the F17's patented rotating locking bolt and duel firing pin system. 

Osprey Defense technology can also be found in the recently announced OPS-16R, Franklin Armory's first gas piston-driven AR-15 complete rifle. Like its F17 series siblings, the self-regulating OPS-16R stands apart from other piston-driven ARs in its ability to be fired suppressed and unsuppressed seamlessly without any gas block adjustments necessary. More information and anticipated shipping timeline for OPS-16R can be found here

Franklin Armory is pleased to incorporate the innovative Osprey Defense self-regulating piston technology into its product lineup and believes it will prove to be one of the most reliable piston systems for civilian and law enforcement AR platform firearms on the market for decades to come.