Binary Firing System® Trigger Installation Service

Turnaround time currently 6+ weeks
Not for civilian sales in: CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, HI, IA, IL, MD, NJ, NY, RI, and WA Read the instructions in the product description for information on sending in your firearm.
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The Binary Firing System® trigger installation service.



The Installation service includes installation performed by a Franklin Armory® Certified Armorer, test firing, and return shipping. Purchase the installation service and follow the instructions below to send in your BFSIII® and your compatible firearm*.

Standard turnaround time is 6+ weeks



Shipping instructions:

When sending in your firearm you must send in:

  • A legible scan of State ID or Driver’s License (The address on the card MUST be your current shipping address, we may only ship a firearm back to the address on your ID).
  • If you prefer to have your firearm returned to an FFL, you may also provide a completed copy of the FFL you want your firearm sent to. If you have your firearm sent to an FFL you must still provide a copy of your State ID or Driver’s License.
  • Write your order number you were given on the outside of the package
  • Ship your firearm to: 


2246 Park Place Suite B

Minden, NV 89423




Any firearm sent to Franklin Armory MUST comply with your state and local law, Nevada State law, and Federal law. If you have any concerns regarding firearms law, please consult an attorney who is knowledgeable of firearms law.



  • Firearms that are unsuitable will be returned and the account credited for installation charges less any return shipping costs. 
  • Not all firearms have tolerances compatible with BFSIII® triggers. Any firearm sent in that is deemed incompatible will be returned and the account credited for installation charges less any return shipping costs. 
  • Alaska and other non-contiguous United States residents will need to pay a bit extra for shipping.  (Cost to be determined at the time it is shipped back and a credit card number will be needed at that time.) 
  • BFSIII® is Not for civilian sales in: CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, HI, IA, IL, MD, NJ, NY, RI, and WA
  • For NFA items we recommend submitting a Form 5. A copy of your stamp must be included with shipment
  • We cannot perform installations on any homemade firearms, 80% receivers/frames, or home finished firearms or receivers. We only accept firearms, receivers, or frames made by a licensed manufacturer.


AR Platform Exclusions:

  • Only the Lower Receiver is to be sent in.
  • No 80% lowers, No polymer lowers, No Carbon lowers
  • No firearms without a serial number
  • No Sig Sauer MPX, MCX, or pistol caliber platforms
  • Lower must be built out with receiver extension, buffer spring, grip, takedown pin, and pivot pin assemblies.  If it is sent with a trigger group in it, any takeoff parts will be shipped back
  • Trigger pin size is .154"
  • All testing will be in 5.56 NATO or .308 WIN


Triggers for All Other Firearm Platforms

  • Full Firearm must be sent in
  • For RUGER® 10/22® or PC Carbine™ (22-C1 and PC-C1 installations) the complete trigger housing may be sent in*
  • Magazine must be sent in with the firearm or installation may be cancelled
  • No Firearms without a serial number
  • Firearm must be in serviceable and clean condition
  • Removal of accessories and optics is advised
  • The HK-C1 requires parts from the original trigger pack, the original trigger pack must be sent in with the firearm.
  • The firearm sent in must match the trigger installation service purchased, see list below. If you have a question about compatibility please call our customer service line, we are available to answer your questions 9am-4pm PST Mon.-Fri. Phone: 775-783-4313


*Compatible Firearms List

 BFSIII® AR-C1 (Curved Trigger)

 MILSPEC AR Platforms

 BFSIII® AR-S1 (Straight Trigger)

 MILSPEC AR Platforms

 BFSIII® 22-C1

 RUGER® 10/22® Trigger pack 


 Bushmaster® ACR® Platform


 AK platforms stamped or milled receivers in standard

 calibers 7.62x39, 5.45x39, 5.56 NATO

 No Underfolding stocks or 12-gauge platforms or Arsenal AK platforms


 AK platforms stamped or milled receivers in 9mm

 No Underfolding stocks


 B&T APC9, APC45, and GMH9


 CZ Scorpion and variants


 HK91, 93, MP5 clones and variants


 Ruger® PC Carbine™ Trigger pack 9mm and .40 Cal 


 Glock® 17 Gen 3


*Live fire testing of the 22-C1 and PC-C1 will be performed in a firearm owned by Franklin Armory, some firearms may perform differently, it is recommended the full firearm be sent in.



“GLOCK” is a registered trademark of Glock, Inc. Franklin Armory is not affiliated nor endorsed by GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK GES.M.B.H.