BFSIII® Binary Firing System® with Installation

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Not for civilian sales in: CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, HI, IA, IL, MD, NJ, NY, RI, and WA Read the instructions in the product description for sending in your firearm.
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The Binary Firing System® III with Installation.


Standard turnaround time is 6+ weeks on in stock items

Simply select the trigger you wish to purchase and follow the instructions below to send in your compatible firearm*. This package includes the price of the BFSIII®, Installation performed by a Franklin Armory® Certified Armorer, test firing, and return shipping.

Additional lead times may apply:

AR-C1: 6+ Weeks

AR-S1: 6+ Weeks


AK-C1: 12+ WEEKS

AK9-C1: 6+ WEEKS

B&T-C1: 6+ Weeks

CZ-C1: 6+ Weeks


22-C1: 6+ Weeks

PC-C1: 6+ Weeks


Not for civilian sales in: CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, HI, IA, IL, MD, NJ, NY, RI, and WA


Shipping instructions:

When sending in your firearm you must send in:

  • A legible scan of State ID or Driver’s License (The address on the license MUST be your current shipping address, we may only ship a firearm back to the address on your ID).
  • If you prefer to have your firearm returned to an FFL, you may also provide a completed copy of the FFL you want your firearm sent to. If you have your firearm sent to an FFL you must still provide a copy of your State ID or Driver’s License.
  • Write your order number you were given on the outside of the package
  • Ship your firearm to: 


2246 Park Place Suite B

Minden, NV 89423




  • Firearms that are unsuitable will be returned and the account credited for installation charges less any return shipping costs. 
  • Not all firearms have tolerances compatible with BFSIII® triggers. Any firearm sent in that is deemed incompatible will be returned and the account credited for installation charges less any return shipping costs. 
  • Alaska and other non-contiguous United States residents will need to pay a bit extra for shipping.  (Cost to be determined at the time it is shipped back and a credit card number will be needed at that time.) 
  • BFSIII® is NOT for civilian sales in CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, HI, IA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, and WA
  • NO firearms without a serial number
  • For NFA items we recommend submitting a Form 5. A copy of your stamp must be included with shipment
  • Patent No. 9,952,012 ; 9,952,013 ; 10,107,580 ; 10,393,461 ; 10,480,881 ; 10,480,882 & 10,871,340


AR Platform Exclusions:

  • Only the built Lower Receiver is to be sent in.
  • No 80% lowers, No polymer lowers, No Carbon lowers
  • No Sig Sauer MPX, MCX, or Pistol Caliber firearms
  • Lower must be built out with receiver extension, buffer spring, grip, takedown pin, and pivot pin assemblies.  If it is sent with a trigger group in it, any takeoff parts will be shipped back
  • Trigger pin size is .154"
  • All testing will be in 5.56 NATO or .308 WIN


Triggers for All Other Firearm Platforms

  • Full Firearm must be sent in
  • For RUGER® 10/22® or PC Carbine™ (22-C1 and PC-C1 installations) the complete trigger housing may be sent in*
  • Magazine must be sent in with the firearm or installation service may be cancelled
  • Firearm must be in serviceable condition
  • Removal of accessories and optics is advised
  • The HK-C1, 22-C1, and PC-C1 require parts from the original trigger pack, the original trigger pack must be sent in with the firearm.
  • The firearm sent in must match the trigger installation service purchased, see list below. If you have a question about compatibility please call our customer service line, we are available to answer your questions 9am-4pm PST Mon.-Fri. Phone: 775-783-4313


*Compatible Firearms List

BFSIII® AR-C1 (Curved Trigger)

MILSPEC AR Platforms

BFSIII® AR-S1 (Straight Trigger)

MILSPEC AR Platforms


Bushmaster® ACR® Platform


AK platforms stamped or milled receivers in standard calibers 7.62x39, 5.45x39, 5.56 NATO

No Underfolding stocks or 12-gauge platforms or Arsenal firearms


AK platforms stamped or milled receivers in 9mm

No Underfolding stocks


B&T APC9, APC45, and GMH9


CZ Scorpions


HK91, 93, MP5 clones and variants


RUGER® 10/22® Trigger housings only


RUGER® PC Carbine housings only


GLOCK® 17 GEN 3 Firearms only


 *Live fire testing of the 22-C1 and PC-C1 will be performed in a firearm owned by Franklin Armory, some firearms may perform differently, it is recommended the full firearm be sent in.


“GLOCK” is a registered trademark of Glock, Inc. Franklin Armory is not affiliated nor endorsed by GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK GES.M.B.H.