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NOT available for sale in IL, NJ, or NY
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Franklin Armory® patented #9,395,130, 10 round, DFM®

Magazine for use in restrictive jurisdictions such as California and Connecticut!


  •  Easily Converts Any AR into a 10 Round, Fixed Magazine Design.
  •  Requires Disassembly of the Action to Remove the Magazine.
  •  No Permanent Alterations Required
  • Suitable for use with Rifles Featuring Banned Features.· California Compliant!
  • Connecticut Compliant!
  • Limiting Tabs Prevent Release Through the Bottom of Magazine Well.
  • Can only be Removed from the Top when the Upper is Tilted out of the way!
  • Available as an Accessory or Installed in Brand New Franklin Armory® Firearms.


Installation will require removing and reinstalling your bolt catch.


We also offer a modified bolt catch for use in CA and CT.

Modified Bolt Catch for DFM™ Magazine


The DFM® is designed to be used with a magazine catch.  This prevents the tabs from resting on the lower receiver.  If the magazine is allowed to reside below the magazine catch, the tabs may mark the lower receiver.  In addition, the feed lips of the DFM® will likely sit too low for proper functioning.


Please note: That the 450 BM magazine is only 5 rounds while all others are 10 round capacity. 


The 308 DFM® bolt catch does not fit Armalite style rifles,  DPMS genII, R25 genII, and has not been tested with any later generations.

NOT available for sale in IL, NJ, or NY


Patent #9,395,130