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The Title 1® was designed to provide a lawful full-featured firearm option for residents of California for defensive, hunting, and sporting use. However, despite being lawful products, Title 1® firearms were blocked from transferring to California residents by the CA DOJ’s internally designed Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) Entry System, which is unable to accept the entry of the Title 1 information for submission of the customer’s DROS to the CA DOJ. CA DOJ refused to correct this defect and refused to provide an alternative for submission of the DROS.

While the CA DOJ unlawfully blocked the transfer of the Title 1®, they worked through the Governor's office and tyrannically introduced SB 118 as a special budget process to specifically target Franklin Armory and Title 1. SB 118 expands the definition of “Assault Weapon” to include “Other Firearms.” This definition expansion made the centerfire variant of the Title 1® firearm an “Assault Weapon” under California Penal Code Section 30515. By introducing the bill as a special budget process California Legislature bypassed the usual due process that would normally be undertaken for such a bill.

Franklin Armory® with the CRPA has filed a lawsuit that is ongoing. Also, Michel and Associates P.C. are finalizing a Class Action Lawsuit for consumers against California DOJ.

While the centerfire variants of the Title 1® are no longer available for purchase in California except to "assault weapons" holders as authorized by law, the Title 1® is available for sale in other states. Franklin Armory® is currently researching the availability of the Title 1® in other restrictive jurisdictions.



 Barrel Length + Type

 16" Barrel


 15” FST™ M-Lok


 Optic Ready



 Charging Handle


 Bolt Carrier

 Salt Bath Nitride




 Custom Tuned Trigger




 10 Round Magpul

 Muzzle Device




 Buffer Tube



 Magpul SL


 5.56 NATO

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Standard Push Button
Muzzle Device:
A2 Flash Suppressor