Reformation® RS7™ Upper Receiver

Not available in CA, NJ, or NY
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The Reformation® truly redefining upper receiver group as it has the same benefits as the full Reformation® Firearm! Short Barreled, Non-NFA, No Tax Stamp, No ATF Waiting period, and able to be equipped with a shoulder stock and forward vertical grip!




  • 5.56 NATO Or .300 blk
  • 7.5” Barrel
  • 0 x 0 Twist
  • Patented Straight cut lands and grooves
  • Triumvir™ Flash hider
  • 7.5” FST™ Handguard – M-Lok compatible
  • Lightweight SBN Bolt carrier group
  • Mil-spec Charging handle
  • Mil-spec upper receiver with forward assist


*Only for installation to a Milspec AR lower with a shoulder stock installed.

*All State and Federal Regulations Apply.

*While ATF will allow consumers to build their own Reformation® firearm by buying our upper and installing it on their lower receiver, we cannot ship an upper and lower on the same date due to excise tax regulations. 

*Any order with a Reformation upper and a built lower receiver will not be shipped.


Not available in CA, NJ, or NY