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New Jersey Residents- In light of our recent challenge against the State of New Jersey, Franklin Armory® has made pre-orders available for the Reformation® series of firearms for New Jersey Residents. This not only puts you on the list for one of these excellent home defense firearms, but also may give you legal standing should New Jersey change their state law while the lawsuit is pending, Pre-Orders are now available for just a $5 deposit.


Once the Reformation® is ready to ship, we will contact you to collect the remaining cost of the firearm. Once paid your firearm should ship within 2+ weeks.


This is a deposit for a Reformation® RS11™. We do not have a shipping date for this firearm as our ability to ship to New Jersey depends on our legal challenge. We do not want to discourage you from placing a deposit with us, however, we want you to be informed that it may be some time before we are able to ship the RS11™


Franklin Armory® is proud to introduce our groundbreaking new firearm the Reformation® RS11™! Made of 100% American made parts the Reformation® RS11™ comes with a 11.5" barrel, equipped with an adjustable stock, low profile gas system, Magpul sights, and is available in three different colors. For more information on Reformation® Firearms Click Here


The 11.5” model is restricted in the following states: CA, CO, CT, HI, MD, MA, NV, OH, OK, RI and the territory of Puerto Rico.


Buying a complete firearm or lower from Franklin Armory® is easy, safe, and legal. Federal law requires all firearms be shipped to a licensed dealer.

Once you have placed your order, please have your FFL dealer email us a copy of their license, include your name, and the order number you received.

Email FFL info to:


 Barrel Length + Type

 11.5” Reformation® Barrel


 11.5" FSR™


 Magpul MBUS



 Charging Handle


 Bolt Carrier

 Salt Bath Nitride




 Custom Tuned Trigger



 Gas System

 Carbine Length

 Gas System

 Low Profile

 Muzzle Device





 Magpul SL-R


 Ergo Ambi Sure


 Bilateral Push Button QD Mounts


 .300 BLK

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