Blemished LIBERTAS® Desert Smoke™ Upper and Lower Receiver Set

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NOT available for sale in DC, HI, IL, NJ, or NY
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Blemished LIBERTAS® Desert Smoke™ Upper and Lower Receiver Set 

These are Cosmetically Blemished units and are limited in availability.

Blemishes can include: pitting, chipping, machine and tool marks, gouges, scrapes and differences in color.

They may not be perfect looking but they will be 100% functional.

Upper receiver may be Gen 1 or Gen 2, the only difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2 are slightly different machine cuts.

No returns on blemished products.



Buying a complete firearm or lower from Franklin Armory® is easy, safe, and legal. Federal law requires all firearms be shipped to a licensed dealer.

Once you have placed your order, please have your FFL dealer email us a copy of their license, include your name, and the order number you received.

Orders cannot be processed until we receive an FFL for your order, the posted lead time will begin once your dealer's FFL is received.

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Franklin Armory®'s custom designed billet upper and lower receivers are now available! This design incorporates integrated ambidextrous, anti-rotational Quick Detach sling mounts. On the magwell, forward of the trigger is a textured Memory Index Point for safely resting the trigger finger when not ready to fire. The magazine well is also enlarged and beveled to facilitate quicker magazine changes. The integral trigger guard is over-sized to allow room for larger hands or gloves. The front of the magazine well is also textured to allow it to be used as a grip for forward support. 


NOT available for sale in DC, HI, IL, NJ, or NY